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San Francisco, CA, USA - Feb 9, 2020: Customers walking into a Verizon retail store in the Financial District of San Francisco.
hapabapa by means of Getty Images Verizon(proprietor of Engadget’s parent firm, Verizon Media)isn’t shutting down its 3G network anytime quickly. Kevin King, the carrier’s representative, informed Light Checking out that Verizon’s” 3G network is functional “and that it doesn’t”have a strategy to shut it down at this time.”He also included that the firm will certainly”work with consumers to relocate

them to more recent modern technology.”King has validated the record’s accuracy to Engadget. The carrier has actually been taking actions towards closing down its 3G network for years, starting back in 2012 when it released 4G LTE. A few years later, it revealed its strategies to shut down the network by December 2019, however it later on pressed the go back to 2020. Now, it appears like the business has delayed the old network’s shutdown forever, probably up until the majority of its remaining 3G clients have currently transferred to more recent devices.

Verizon stopped activating 3G phones in 2018″ to help with a smooth transition to LTE-capable services and products.” It stated at the time at “practically all website traffic on [its] network is on [its] 4G LTE network” anyhow. As Light Reading notes, it didn’t reveal how many of its customers still have 3G devices, yet the figure could be substantial if it picked to maintain the network functional together with 4G and 5G. Based upon what King said, though, Verizon might be proactively motivating 3G consumers to get newer devices going forward.

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